Welcome to Wellsville!

The Wellsville Area Chamber of Commerce welcomes you to Wellsville…a special place where historic charm and natural beauty beckon you to open your senses and relax in tranquility.  People the world over are clamoring to move away from the congestion of cities, and Wellsville is the perfect place to visit and recalibrate…or to call home. 

Seventy-five miles from the greater Buffalo and Rochester areas and along the beautiful Genesee River, Wellsville is located in southwestern New York State. Surrounded by gorgeous Allegany County, also known as The Western New York Wilds, you will find some of the best hunting, fishing, boating, kayaking, skiing, and snowboarding in the region. 

Did you know that Jack Warner of Warner Brothers once owned our movie theater; that we were not named Wellsville because of our many oil wells; and that a captain in the Revolutionary moved here when it was still owned by the Seneca Nation, set up industry, and has a creek named after him?  Come discover Wellsville’s history, iconic landmarks, and historic homes. 

Step out and enjoy our cool village vibe!  Wellsville is a fun walkable village with much to see and enjoy: adorable shops, dining, pubs, artisan wares, antiques, home goods, boutiques, churches, and beautiful homes.  Shopping abounds, beer flows, baked goods and locally roasted coffee are hard to resist, and every restaurant will be your favorite. Live music or the movie marquee may pull you in, or our grand library may make you stop in your tracks. 

In partnership with our hospital, Wellsville is a wellness community.  In addition to the many outdoor activities afforded us by our natural resources, we have fitness centers, dance and performing arts schools, YMCA, and activities such as sports leagues, bowling, skating rink, and community swim.  

Wellsville is fortunate to have an excellent regional hospital, Jones Memorial, an affiliate of UR Medicine in Rochester.  This year they are celebrating 100 years of service to our community.  The Wellsville Central School District offers its nearly 1,400 PreK-12th grade students a wide array of academic and extracurricular opportunities. The Wellsville Police Department is a fully trained professional organization and is accredited.  They are always on duty and responsible for maintaining an almost non-existent crime rate. Fire and ambulance services are provided by outstanding volunteer organizations that are also professionally trained, equipped, and extremely dedicated.

Wellsville is home to innovative small businesses along with world class manufacturing facilities. The Chamber is a strong advocate for close to 150 businesses in the area, we know an active and successful business community means a strong and stable community for our residents.  We are supported in our efforts by our Wellsville Economic Development Board and Allegany County’s Industrial Development Board.  Entrepreneurship is a strong engine for economic development and is supported by a large Business and Industrial Park for entry into business or for businesses needing to grow, and free mentorship services are available for startups or those needing growth guidance.  Best of all, Wellsville offers quality of life.  Start or move your business to Wellsville and your employees will thank you. 

Wellsville is a tight-knit community that is supportive and inclusive with many churches and religious services.  The Chamber and other community organizations sponsor many annual events; whether social butterfly or nature enthusiast…we have it all!  What a wonderful place to call home and raise a family.

The Wellsville Area Chamber of Commerce invites you to eat-play-live-work-relax and enjoy life in our beautiful community.  Experience Wellsville and all it has to offer. 

If our office can serve you in any way, please stop in or call.  We look forward to welcoming you.

Bruce A. Thomas,

Executive Director

Wellsville Area Chamber of Commerce

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